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Paradox Aviation

Leisure Traveler 25" Roll Aboard

Leisure Traveler 25" Roll Aboard

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Professional pilot, mechanical engineer designed, aluminum/magnesium alloy hard case.

We offer our Paradox Leisure Traveler 25" Roll Aboard in two color collections:

The Dark Sky Collection is blacked out by hard anodizing the aluminum/magnesium alloy which not only gives the case is stealthy black hue, but protects the alloy from light scratches and weathering. 

The Star Light Collection is in it's natural aluminum/magnesium alloy color that is reminiscent of a bygone era of early aviation. It is protected with an anodized clear plating that protects the alloy from light scratches and weathering. 

Decades of professional flying experience have culminated in our beautiful high end aluminum hardside luggage. We let no compromises into our design philosophy to make the best looking, most functional luggage available at any price. We had very specific design requirements:

  • Beautiful aluminum construction with bespoke looks.
  • All compartments are fully secured behind TSA compliant locks with no zippers.
  • No external fabric construction to get wet or torn or cut open.
  • Protection from impact or crushing for the items inside.
  • Easy access compartment for cell phones, water bottles, hats or gloves.
  • Light weight
  • Easy rolling on four castering wheels to easily maneuver terminals and the aisle.
  • Added corner protections from rough bag handlers, and baggage carousels. 

DIMENSIONS (unlike our competitors bags which are often measured without handles and wheels, and grossly larger when packed, our cases remain dimensionally correct empty or full. Further we are on average 25%-50% lighter!):

Length:  25.5" (64.7 cm)
Width:  17.5" (44.5)
Depth:  10.2" (25.9 cm)
Weight:  11.6# (5.2 kg)

Length: 22.8" (57.9 cm)
Width:  16.3" (41.4)
Depth:  10.0" (25.4 cm)

NOTE: Inside volume is made up of the left, right, and external compartment.

While we do not advertise this case as a "carry-on" it does fit many overhead bins, wheels in as pictured and of course sideways universally.

Compression packing cubes are highly recommended to maximise your packing space! Our cubes can be found here.

OPTIONAL CUSTOMIZATION We offer laser etching to all our hard cases. Unlike a name tag that can be easily removed or lost, your case will forever be yours with laser etched ownership. Click here Custom Laser Etching Service to add it to your shopping cart. We will reach out to you for your desired customization.

Take it for a test drive! You have 30 days to decide if this is the luggage for you. If during that time you dont feel this case will work for you, simply send the unused case back!

Every case is assembled by hand and while every attempt is made to avoid marks and slight blemishes, it is possible that during assembly your new case might show some handling marks and slight imperfections from its build. 

Every case comes with an optional slip-on/off cover to reduce scrapes and scratches. It is secured with a velcro retainer. The case can be used normally with the slip cover in place with full use of the wheels and carry handles.

For more details on the Leisure Traveler Collection click here.

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