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Paradox Flight Deck Case

Paradox Flight Deck Case

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Professional pilot, mechanical engineer designed, aluminum/magnesium alloy hard side flight deck case! 

We offer our Paradox Flight Deck Case is two color collections:

The Dark Sky Collection is blacked out by hard anodizing the aluminum/magnesium alloy which not only gives the case is stealthy black hue, but protects the alloy from light scratches and weathering. (UPDATED PICTURES COMING SOON)

The Star Light Collection is in it's natural aluminum/magnesium alloy color that is reminiscent of a bygone era of early aviation. It is protected with an anodized clear plating that protects the alloy from light scratches and weathering. The trim will be two tone in matte black (corners, locks, braces)

Decades of on the road experience have culminated in the very best flight deck case available! We started from a blank canvas and let no compromises into our design philosophy. We had very specific design requirements:

  • We wanted a hard side flight deck case that fit perfectly where the old leather cases used to but made for the modern pilot and the equipment we carry today.
  • It had to be a case that was secure from indiscriminate access. Zippers, fabric, clips, snaps and the like are easy targets for quick and easy access to your valuable items. Even if you lock your zippers a pen is all you need to open a locked zipper! 
  • Protections from weather, chemicals like glycol, and other materials.
  • Protection from impact or crushing for your valuable items inside.
  • Easy to carry and easy to roll both in the open terminal or streets.
  • Protections from rough bag handlers and diabolical baggage carousels. 
  • High-end curb appeal
  • Top quality with working person pricing!

We solved these requirements with something that is unique in the industry, an aluminum hard side case! No more nylon fabric bags to tear and deteriorate and leaving your valuables susceptible to damage. No more generic bags that don't fit your flight deck shelf. No more unsecured and easily accessed pockets. Now you get to have all your needed items in easy reach and fully accessible from your seat.

Our flight cases are strong, and functional. These flight cases fit your flight deck, from the 747 to the CRJ these fit right where they should, next to you. An iPad/Surface pad specific pocket is located right at the front for easy access to your EFB. You can even carry up to a large 17" gaming style laptop! This case will fit your full size headset, tumblers, water bottles. and for the quick overnight or two there is room for a change of clothes and toiletries as well. To keep things inside both protected and dry the entire interior is sealed with an innovative all metal tongue and groove seal. The two case halves are locked with special TSA latches which are spring loaded for a one touch push to lock or an easy one finger squeeze to unlock.

The debate over hand carried flight cases or wheeled bags is over, you get both! We made our cases with two side mounted wheels, a long retractable handle and feet for both the hand carry position and the rolling position

If you have our Paradox roll aboard then things get even better! Our flight cases have an integrated shoe which slides down the front mounted cargo rail giving you both a quick and very secure way to carry both cases together. You can let the flight case sit on the ground with the roller board to be dragged on two wheels or put a stop on the track so the flight case 'floats' above the ground so you can use the pair as a trolly.

Our cases are very strong and are designed to take a beating so your items inside don't. The aluminum and composite sandwich walls are both tough and light. The carry handle is self retracting to keep it tucked in and away from danger. Our multistage long retractable handle is easy extended and retract. 

While our cases keep your goods safe and protected they will show the abuse in the form of dents, scratches and dings. While the cosmetics will show the long miles on the road, the function of the case will remain for years to come! Those miles were hard earned by you and your Paradox Aviation case, show them off with pride! Plus you finally have a flat hard surface to place all those pilot decals and stickers!

DIMENSIONS (unlike our competitors bags which are often measured without handles and wheels, and grossly larger when packed, our cases remain dimensionally correct empty or full:

Length: 18.50"

Height: 13.50"

Depth: 9.5"

Weight: 10.50#

Packing room is equivalent to the old Jeppesen leather flight cases but with pockets inside where you need them for your electronics and headset but with ample additional room for your own specific packing needs.

This is a true carry on case that fits in the overhead or under the seat.

OPTIONAL CUSTOMIZATION We offer laser etching to all our hard cases. Unlike a name tag that can be easily removed or lost, your case will forever be yours with laser etched ownership. You can add your name, rank, airline, or even a slogan or logo, the choice is yours. Etching the Dark Sky cases exposes the natural aluminum color under the black giving a nice contrast and good visibility. Etching the Star Light cases exposes the natural aluminum color under the matte anodized color providing subtle contrast and a clean look.If you want we can etch up to 4"/4".  Opting for laser etching voids your ability to return the case due it's customization. To order etching please add it as a separate item from the product page. We will reach out to you for your desired customization.

We expect final pricing by the end of February with sales starting in March.

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