Professional Flight Crew Luggage Details

Professional pilot, mechanical engineer designed, aluminum/magnesium alloy hard case.

We offer our Paradox Professional Flight Crew Roll Aboards in two color collections:

The Dark Sky Collection is blacked out by hard anodizing the aluminum/magnesium alloy which not only gives the case is stealthy matte black hue, but protects the alloy from light scratches and weathering. (some pictures might appear to show a gray color but they are definitely airline compliant black)

The Star Light Collection is in its natural aluminum/magnesium alloy color that is reminiscent of a bygone era of early aviation. It is protected with an anodized clear plating that protects the alloy from light scratches and weathering. 

Decades of on the road experience have culminated in the very best flight crew-centric luggage available! We started from a blank canvas and let no compromises into our design philosophy. We had very specific design requirements:

  • Beautiful aluminum construction with bespoke looks.
  • All compartments are fully secured behind TSA compliant locks, no zippers.
  • No external fabric construction to get wet or torn or cut open.
  • Protection from impact or crushing for the items inside.
  • Easy access compartment for safety vests, flashlights, bottles, hats, gloves.
  • Light weight but very strong.
  • Easy rolling on two or four large bearing, rubber tire, high load castering wheels to easily maneuver terminals and the aisle.
  • Strength from sound engineering practices, use of CAD/CAM design and extensive stress testing. Structural parts made from billet aluminum, not plastic.
  • Added corner protections from rough bag handlers, and baggage carousels. 
  • Protections from inclement weather, chemicals like glycol, and other materials.
  • Multiple bag stacking options to make your loads easier to carry.
  • Easy field serviceability. 

We solved these requirements with something that normally the private jet flyers would carry, an aluminum hard side case! No more nylon fabric to tear and deteriorate. No more unsecured and easily accessed pockets. . No more heavy cast base and deforming frame bags. No more unsecured and easily accessed pockets. 

Our roll aboard cases are light, strong, and functional. We provide an open interior separated into two halves of our clamshell case. The design allows for multiple packing options without compromising space. The case half dividers allow for the case to be opened in the terminal without your goods falling out even when standing upright. One side has quick releases so you can access a coat or purse without taking time to unzip. To keep things inside both protected and dry the entire interior is sealed with an innovative all metal tongue and groove seal. The two case halves are locked with special TSA latches which are spring loaded for a one touch push to lock or an easy two finger squeeze to unlock.

25 Interior

Pilots and flight crews often need quick access to items like safety vests, flashlights, hats, gloves, or to throw in a water bottle for the overnight. We did not forget this part of your needs and added a quick access panel at the top exterior of the case. This quick access panel is located at the top as it sits on the ramp, terminal or in the jetway. It is a simple TSA locking single latch to open and close. It is just large enough to carry those quickly needed items or an overnight water bottle. It is designed to keep its contents separate from the main case compartments so if your walk around was in the rain or snow, your dry overnight clothes will stay dry and clean, We also left this small compartment able to evaporate moisture so if a wet hat or water bottle goes in, the moisture will evaporate out.

Exterior walk around compartment

The debate over two wheel draggers or four wheel trolly bags is over, you get both! We made our cases with four castering wheels versus the more traditional two wheel draggers we have become accustomed too. However that is the end of the similarity to all the passengers bags in the terminal. Our wheels are oversized with dual independent large 50mm diameter ball bearings as well as a ball bearing caster. The large diameter wheel bearings support much more weight and don't get hot when rolling long distances. These are tough and exclusive to our cases. Because the bearings are not hub mounted, the center of our wheels are hollow to reduce weight and they look very unique!  Each one of our four wheels are load rated at 80lbs, that is 320lbs capacity of the four wheels combined. Each wheel assembly has two durable rubber tires. The wheels are then mounted to a wheel box made from a machined solid billet of aluminum and then attached to the case with heavy aviation grade rivets. Drag our bag as a two wheeler and you will notice that it does so smoothly and without drag or imbalance. If you want to roll next to you, roll it as a trolly. It is up to you.

Paradox wheel

Billet wheel boxBillet wheel box black

But what about my old 'J' hook? Well we have a completely new solution. We mount an aviation aluminum track on all flight crew roller boards. If you buy our flight case too then this is a convenient fast and innovative way to carry two cases as one because our flight case slides onto the track for a secure quick mounting that does not swing or fall off. However if you have a soft side bag or purse, or a backpack we still have you covered. Our track system can also provide you with our unique easy on/off 'Quick Click' accessories. We have a lightweight composite hook which is an upgraded type of ''J' hook you can add to our roller case. It is stronger, lighter, has no welds to break and does not let your bags swing off to the side and drag. It also does not cut into your soft bags handle. It can be clicked into any position on the front of the track up or down and easily be removed in seconds for storage inside the case without tools. The QC Hook is available in two sizes. More mounting options along with the hooks, such as eyes and stud mounts are available as well in our Quick Click Accessories section. 

QC hook largeQC eye

Our cases are very strong and are designed to take a beating so your items inside don't. The aluminum/magnesium alloy we use is both tough and light. The two hand carry handles are a dampened, self retracting design to keep them tucked in and away from danger. Our wheels are tough and heavily mounted and braced to take repeated hits and many many miles of use. Our multistage stepped long retractable handle is twice as thick as normal passenger bags and uses double wide and double deep locks which can also be accessed behind the zippered interior. Our retractable handle locks in the down position with internal locks and won't come open like the silly strap held handles of the other guys. But we also give you multiple lock positions up and down the length of the handle so it can accommodate many heights of crew members for the most comfortable walking position. Our handles and latches and feet are all easily field replaced with standard screws if the worst happens. If heavier damage occurs we offer spare parts that you can install or our workshop can replace them for you.


While our cases keep your goods safe and protected they will show the abuse in the form of dents, scratches and dings. While the cosmetics will show your long miles on the road, the function of the case will remain for years to come! Those miles were hard earned by you and your Paradox Case, show them off with pride! Besides now you can put your favorite stickers on your case! If heavy damage occurs we can often repair your case in our workshop, just reach out.

DIMENSIONS (unlike our competitors bags which are often measured without handles and wheels, and grossly larger when packed, our cases remain dimensionally correct empty or full. Further we are on average 25%-50% lighter!):

External 22 25 30
Length:  22.2" (56.4 cm) 26.5" (67.3 cm) 30.5" (77.5 cm)
Width:  15.0" (38.0 cm) 17.5" (44.5) 19.2" (48.7 cm)
Depth:  8.7" (22.1cm) 10.4" (26.4 cm) 11.5" (29.2 cm)
Weight:  11.2# (5.0 kg) 13.6# (6.1 kg) 16.6# (7.5 kg)


Internal 22 25 30
Length: 18.5" (47.0 cm) 22.8" (57.9 cm) 26.8" (68.0 cm)
Width:  13.8" (35.0 cm) 16.3" (41.4) 18.0" (45.7 cm)
Depth:  8.3" (20.3 cm) 10.0" (25.4 cm) 11.1" (28.7 cm)

NOTE: Inside volume is made up of the left, right, and external compartment.

22 case is a true carry-on legal size and will fit all standard overhead bins.

25 case is not carry-on legal but fits many bins wheels in, and certainly sideways.

30 case is not carry-on legal and must be checked.

Find Hooks, Eyes and Studs for the cargo track in our Quick Click Accessories.

OPTIONAL CUSTOMIZATION We offer laser etching to all our hard cases. Unlike a name tag that can be easily removed or lost, your case will forever be yours with laser etched ownership. You can add your name, rank, airline, or even a slogan or logo, the choice is yours. Etching the Dark Sky cases exposes the natural aluminum color under the black giving a nice contrast and good visibility. Etching the Star Light cases exposes the natural aluminum color under the matte anodized color providing subtle contrast and a clean look.If you want we can etch up to 6.75"/6.75".  Opting for laser etching voids your ability to return the case due it's customization. To order etching please add it HERE as a separate item from the product page. We will reach out to you for your desired customization.

Etched initials